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Nordic Alliance for Perinatal Mental Health

Begin Before Birth

A charity and coalition with a vision to see all families in the Nordic countries get consistent, accessible and quality care and support for their mental health during pregnancy and in the year after birth.

The alliance was formed in June 2021 and includes organisations supporting the area of perinatal mental heath in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

We invite all organisations, such as professional associations and alliances, organisations of subjects with lived experience of mental disorders during pregnancy or postpartum, scientific and educational communities, and other organisations operating in the field of pregnancy, postpartum, families, infants and their mental wellbeing to join.

The focus of the Nordic Alliance fo Perinatal Mental Health is to gather, compound and spread the information produced by the member organisations to make all of our work more efficient and reachable. It also enables organisations to spread knowlege about their projects and to work together for better achievements.

The main goal is to finally improve maternal mental health care and outcomes for mothers, fathers and their infants in the Nordic countries.

This alliance was inspired by Dr. Alain Gregoire. The Founder, former Chair, and now Honorary President of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA).

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